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The 4 Most Effective Types of Floor-standing Digital Displays

Floor-standing digital displays are commonly used in exhibition halls, shopping malls, retail stores, transportation hubs, and restaurants to share information. The floor-standing digital display is also known as a digital kiosk or digital standee. When compared to other larger digital displays such as video walls and LED screens, the floor-standing display is preferred by many businesses due to its smaller size and versatility.

In this article, we will discuss the four most effective types of floor-standing digital displays in the market. The four digital displays are

  1. Single-sided Standing Display
  2. Double-sided Standing Display
  3. A-style Digital Display
  4. Rotatable Standing Display

1. Single-sided Standing Display

The single-sided standing display is also known as a single-sided digital standee. It is one of the most common types of floor-standing digital displays in the market. Single-sided digital standee is a popular choice for businesses that are looking for high flexibility.

Unlike video walls and LED screens, the digital standee can be moved freely from one place to another, thanks to its castor wheels. Businesses can also feel free to adjust the position and the facing direction of their standees. Besides, for those who have no needs to move the standees around, fixed installation is possible too.

Another advantage of the floor-standing display is that it is easy to install and use. Whether it is equipped with castor wheels or a fixed installation, you only need to plug the power cable to the nearest power point. And voila! The standee can start to do the magic for you immediately. In terms of managing and uploading the content, choose between a USB plug-and-play method and a content management system.

Single-sided floor standing digital display.

2. Double-sided Standing Display

The double-sided standing display is also known as a double-sided digital standee. Both double-sided and single-sided digital standees look almost the same except for the number of screens available. A double-sided digital display has two screens – one at the front and one at the back.

When a digital display has two screens, the exposure is doubled. Instead of targeting traffic from one direction only, the double-sided digital display can now reach audiences from two opposite directions. The advantage makes the double-sided digital display a perfect choice for areas with high foot traffic such as shopping malls and exhibitions.

Besides, a double-sided standing display is also suitable for a retail store that wants to target both passers-by and in-store customers. The digital display can be placed at the storefront with one side facing outside of the store and another side facing inside.

Double-sided floor standing digital display.

3. A-style Digital Display

The A-style digital display is also known as a digital bunting or slanted floor-standing display. An A-style digital display is generally smaller and has thinner edges than both single-sided and double-sided standees. Its sleek design makes it a great choice for small event applications such as event booths and workshops.

With a smaller frame and shorter height, the A-style digital display can provide a sense of closer proximity to the customers. Besides, the digital display can be moved around easily thanks to its foldable design. When not in use, the display can be folded and kept without using too much space.

A-style floor standing digital display.

4. Rotatable Standing Display

The rotatable standing display, also known as the rotatable digital standee, is a floor-standing digital display that has a rotatable screen. Since the screen can be rotated, the user can always choose between portrait and landscape display orientations.

Thanks to its switchable display orientations, the rotatable digital standee is a great alternative for those who want greater flexibility in the content displayed. While digital standees can display various types of digital content, it has an obvious limitation. Users can only display content with a resolution that matches the portrait orientation of the standee.

There are times when businesses want to display a full HD video or image horizontally. This is when a rotatable digital standee shines. Depending on the campaign objectives, businesses can always choose the most suitable display orientations to meet their goals. This can help to save time and costs since the business does not need to put effort into redesigning or formatting the content layout.

Rotatable Digital Standee


The floor-standing digital display is a must-have tool for businesses that want to reach and engage their customers effectively. With various screen sizes available (from 32 inches to 55 inches), businesses can always find the most suitable screen sizes to meet their requirements. Using a floor-standing digital display is one of the best ways to capture customers’ attention and thus drive revenues.

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