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1. What are the supported file formats and resolutions?

Supported file format for videos is mp4 (h.264), while supported file formats for images are JPEG and PNG.

File resolutions can be different depend on the types of digital signage used. However, some of the common resolutions are

Digital Kiosk / Standee
• 2,160 x 3,840px (W x H) for image files
• 1,080 x 1,920px (W x H) for video files

Digital Signage (4K UHD Landscape)
• 3,840 x 2,160px (W x H) for image files
• 1,920 x 1,080px (W x H) for video files

2. I have published a new playlist, but it is not displayed on my digital screen.

a. Check if the player is online or offline. 

b. Stop any playing content by pressing the “Stop” button on the remote controller. Pay attention to the main page of the CDMS.

c. Look at the bottom of the screen. Check if both server and local network are connected. Two ticks must be available to indicate a successful network connection.

d. Check if the Wi-Fi signal is strong or weak.

e. If there is no issue with the network connection, login to CDMS account. Check if your playlist and media resolutions match the player resolution. Also make sure that you are using the right file types for the template that you are using. (Image template can only be used to display image files.)

3. The ratio of my published content is different from the original ratio of my content.

Check if you are using the compatible playlist or media files. For example, if the player is a digital standee which supports media files in portrait format (eg. 1,080 x 1,920px), you should not publish a media file in landscape format (eg. 1,920 x 1,080px).

4. I have published a video playlist. The player plays the video sound without any picture. The published video is getting displayed.

Check if you have published a 4K Ultra HD video file. The maximum video resolution that CDMS can support is 1,920 x 1,080px or 1,080 x 1,920 px.

5. I have published a new playlist, but my old playlist is still displaying along with my new playlist.

a. Republish the new playlist with the publish strategy “Overwrite”.

b. Another method is to delete the previous publish record at Program > Publish.

6. I have edited / revised my playlist, but why my screen content is not updated?

You will have to publish the edited / revised playlist. Updating the playlist alone will not update the screen content automatically.

7. Why did I fail to transfer files from my USB drive while using Single mode?

You should save only image and video files that need to be displayed in the USB drive. Other unnecessary files or folders should never be kept in the USB drive.

8. The remote controller is not working.

a. Aim the remote controller closer at the player sensor. The sensor is normally found at the bottom right of the display panel.

b. Change the battery and test it.

9. How can I set up a timer for my player?

a. To set up the timer manually, press “Setup” on the remote controller. Go to “Power” and choose either Daily or Weekly.

b. To set up the timer via CDMS, go to “Player” and look for the player that you want to set up a timer. Click on the player name and go to the “On/Off Time” tab. Enable both the “Activate” and the “Status”. Set your desired time.

10. I have set up the timer on CDMS. Why does the player keep switching back on even if the off timer kicks in?

a. Check your physical player to see if you have accidentally enabled “Always On”. If yes, switch it back to “Manual”. Then, set up the timer again on CDMS.

b. If you have not accidentally enabled “Always On”, check the time at the physical player. Check if it is displaying the current time correctly. If sync-time is enabled, make sure it is using the GMT+8 time zone.

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