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Digital Signage Software CDMS

Digital Signage Software provides full control of your signage content.

You can display any content in your digital signage, such as video, image, animation and text. You can deliver digital signage content remotely via a computer, a mobile device or any electronic device.

Digital Signage Software CDMS Interface
Digital Signage Software CDMS Interface

Software Features

Quick Installation

Install the software within a few simple steps. Setup, login and enjoy the convenience provided by the software.

Design Templates

Browse through the available selection of design templates. Create and customize your content for any occacsion.

Variety Media Formats

Digital signage software allows content creation using various media formats such as video, image, text and animation.

Content Scheduling

Create playlist and setup content schedule conveniently. Target different audience at different time periods using different contents.

Multi Management

User management, content management and device management within a single powerful software solution.

Remote Management

Manage all display devices and contents from different locations remotely. Monitor the health of your display devices anywhere and anytime.

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