Smart Interactive Panel M2X

M2X is an interactive smart board that comes with a high resolution 8MP conference camera.

The smart board supports both smart annotation and video conferencing. Its wireless screen sharing also fosters collaboration and efficient meeting session. The wireless screen sharing supports major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Chrome OS.

VEXO Smart Board

High Brightness

8MP Conference Camera

Natural Pen Writing

Wireless Screen Share

Various Connection Options

Multiple Sizes Available

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Productivity For Success

Featuring enhanced interactivity and business tools, the M2X smartboard is a very powerful display that facilitates business decision making. Efficient discussion enables effective business development and management.

Video Conferencing

Meeting colleagues from different offices or locations? Urgent meeting to make quick and important business decision?

Rest assured. Smart Interactive Panel M2X’s conference camera provides convenience and reduces the needs of face-to-face meetings.

Push beyond boundaries. Distance and time are no limitations in making business decisions.

VEXO Smart Board M2X
Smart Interactive Panel Camera

High Resolution Camera

High resolution 8 Mega Pixels conference camera with 6 lens elements. Up to 9 layers of coating for noise-free and ultra sharp video conference experience.

Intuitive Pen Writing

The brand new writing algorithm of Smart Interactive Panel M2X supports both single-point and multi-point writing modes. Engineered with high writing accuracy and fast response time, it provides a natural pen writing experience.

Smart Board Smooth Writing

Six-In-One Smartboard

The M2X smartboard integrates the functions of a computer, a video camera, a projector, an electronic whiteboard, a touch screen device and a speaker. A single highly capable display that meets your daily business or education requirements.

Smart board Six-In-One
Smartboard 4K Ultra HD

4K Ultra HD Panel

Vivid and sharp viewing experience is made possible. The M2X smartboard features a grade-A high brightness LED backlit panel with 3840 x 2160 display resolution.

Smart Interactive Panel Narrow Bezel

Narrow Bezels, Thin Body

Thin body and narrow bezels allow a wider view.

Wireless Sharing

Wireless Screen Sharing

Support screen mirroring with mobile phone, computer and tablet.


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