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Vsign Software

for Content Management System

Vsign is an exclusive cloud software fully owned by Vexo, which functions as a Content Management System tool for all the digital kiosk and signage range we offer.

Vsign cloud software offers benefits of usage that makes it a valuable solution for organizations. Easy accessibility, limitless storage spaces, stringent security measures, robust collaboration features and affordable license fee enables organizations to efficiently manage their content display such as videos, images and texts information while focusing on core business activities.

Software Features

CMS Login

No Installation

Vsign is a web application that runs on an Internet Browser. Visit the page, login and enjoy the easy access and convenience of usage.

CMS Customizable Templates

Design Templates

Browse through the available selection of design templates. Create and customize your layout for any occasion.

CDMS Supports Various Media Formats

Variety Media Formats

Vsign software allows content publishing using various media formats such as videos, images, texts and animations

Digital Signage Software CDMS Interface

Content Scheduling

Create and schedule playlist conveniently. Target different audiences at different time periods using different contents.

Multi Management of Content Management System

Multi Management

User management, content management and device management within a single powerful software solution.

Digital Signage Software CDMS Interface

Remote Management

Manage all devices and contents from different locations remotely. Monitor the status of your display devices anywhere and anytime.

Publish Content In 4 Simple Steps

1. Login

Login your account via any internet browser.

2. Upload Media

Upload image and video files onto the media library.

3. Create Playlist

Edit and determine the display order of your content.

4. Publish

Schedule and publish your content.

Vsign Software vs USB Drive: Which is The Best For Digital Signage Content Management?

While the transition to digital signage presents unlimited opportunities for a business, the way how it operates the signage can affect the effectiveness of the digital campaign. One of the struggles is to choose whether to use Vsign software or a USB drive...

Vsign Applications

Signage Software CDMS

Digital Signage

Signage Software CDMS

Digital Menu Board

Signage Software CDMS

Digital Standee

Digital Signage

Digital Menu

Interactive Kiosk

Digital Standee

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