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Digital Directory

Update and manage directories remotely using Digital Directory System.

Digital directories provide convenient service to help customers and visitors to locate stores or offices within a building. The directories also provide valuable information such as the business name, the shop information and the business hour.

Digital directories are also commonly found in places beside of retail malls, such as airports, bus stations and hospitals. Using a directory software, managers can update and manage listings and media directly from a computer or a mobile device remotely.

Digital Directory System
Digital Directory

Quick Update

Update content quickly via user-friendly content management software.

Remote Management

Manage via computer or mobile device remotely.

Display Various Content

Display information such as business locations, weather info, announcement and videos.

Digital Directory Applications

For retail mall, corporate building, airport, hospital and many more.

Digital directories are perfect displays to help your customers get to their destinations. Consider a professional-grade directory if you are looking to improve the experience of your visitors.

Digital Directory at Retail Mall

Retail Mall

Digital Directory at Office Building


Digital Directory at Hospital


Remote management of digital directory

Remote Management

Take full control of all operations including monitoring and content updating from remote locations.

Improve Interactivity

Engage your audience more and improve interactivity by turning your digital directory into a touch-screen directory.

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