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Digital Signages For Retail Stores

Attract attention of potential customers and drive walk-in customers. Various digital signage products designed to meet requirements of different businesses in the retail industry.
Retail Digital Signages and Digital Displays

Enhance Customer Engagement

Digital signage is an effective tool that can be used to capture attention by using eye-catching image and video content. Improve customer engagement and drive sales.

Electronic Signage For Retailers

Durable Performance
Digital signages are designed to run long-hour operations.

Remote Management of Digital Signage

Remote Management
Upload, schedule and publish content remotely and easily.

Digital Content For Digital Signage

Digital Content
Support video and image file formats such as mp4, png, and jpeg.

Content Scheduling of Digital Signage

Dayparting & Scheduling
Schedule and display the right content at the right time.

Pick Your Favourite Display or Bundle Up

Depending on your business type or objective, we have the right kinds of digital signages that meet your needs. Whether it is a wall-mounted signage, a stretched display, a digital standee, or a mix of all of them, inviting new traffic and engaging customers are easier than you think. 

Stretched Digital Signage for Retail Store

Wide Aspect Ratio

VEXO™ Stretched Bar Signage

A dynamic and ultra-wide digital display that can be installed on various places such as product shelves, payment counters, and tables.  

Available in 37″ and 28″.

  Wide aspect ratio
  Can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation
  Support various media formats

Stretched Digital Signage for Retail Store
Wall Digital Signage for retail shop

Wall Mounted Signage

VEXO™ Digital Signage

A flexible digital signage that is widely used in all kinds of retail stores and offices. It can be used to relay informational and advertising content to target audiences.

   Support multiple digital file formats
   Support plug-and-play and Content Management System
   Can be installed in portrait or landscape orientation
   24/7 operation

Digital Standees For Product Display

Floor-standing Signage

VEXO™ Smart Digital Standee

Utilizing digital kiosk or digital standee in your retail business is one of the most effective methods to engage your customers.

You can choose to get a digital standee with a touch-screen feature for improved user experience. Both double-sided and single-sided are available.

Available in various screen sizes. 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″ & 75″.

   USB playback or network-based Content Management System
   Durable tempered glass surface
   Can be equipped with castor wheels

How Can You Use The Signages

Our digital signages and standees can support various digital content such as videos, images and slideshows. Display any content that can engage your customers. Feel free to rotate or schedule content, and find the most effective approach or content that works well for your business.

01 Promotions

02 Product Information

03 Product Photos

04 Testimonials

05 Event Announcements

06 Brand Videos

Stretched Digital Display at Retail Store
Digital Standees for Retail Stores
Retail Digital Signage

Solutions Built For Any Retailers

Our Digital Signage For Retail Industry solution can be customized to meet requirements of any retail businesses such as shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, and fashion boutiques.

Digital Standees for Sales Showroom

Sales Showroom

Digital Signage at Fashion Store

Fashion Boutique

Interactive Kiosk at Retail Store

Retail Store



Digital Kiosk & Standee, Stretched Display, and Digital Menu Board

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