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Learn more about interactive smartboards, digital signages, interactive kiosks and video walls.
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High quality interactive display designed to meet both business and education applications.

An interactive smartboard that is more than just an interactive whiteboard. Touch screen enabled.

Digital Signage

Digital signage helps to deliver targeted messages. Installation and technical support are provided.

Digital signage with wide aspect ratio and dynamic picture.

Powerful digital signage software and CDMS that help to manage the digital signage network.

Powerful media player to deliver content using your digital signage.

Commercial-grade video wall solution. X35 is modular and suitable for various applications.


Use digital menu board to turn your static menu into a flexible and dynamic display.

Concierge solution helps to deliver personalized user experience to visitors.

Digital directory guides visitors in wayfinding by providing business information and directions.

Easy to use conference room system for various video conference platforms and applications.

Thin bezel video wall for clear and beautiful viewing experience.

Digital Kiosk

Digital kiosk provides audience with engaging digital content and interactive experiences.

Kiosk designing and installation. Customize your kiosk to suit your unique business application.

Elegant and lightweight digital kiosk with durable tempered glass screen and easy installation.

Flyer Holder Digital Kiosk provides access to both digital and physical information.

A slim and sleek kiosk that provides access to meaningful information.

An effective digital kiosk that delivers targeted messages with both front and back screens.

Rotate your digital kiosk and choose to display either in portrait or landscape orientation.

A-style digital kiosk is a great alternative to traditional standing banner and poster.

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Our products include interactive smartboard with touch screen feature, digital kiosk & digital signage.

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