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Smart Classroom

An education approach that uses interactive smartboards, computers, mobile devices, software and other technology tools to improve the teaching and learning experience in a classroom.

Smartboard for smart classroom

Digital-oriented Interactive Whiteboard

Incorporation of interactive panels, digital tools, software, and modern smart board technology to enhance the learning and teaching experience in a classroom. Utilize digital media such as web content, applications, images, and videos to provide an innovative form of learning.

Improve Visualization

Using digital media can improve visualization and help students to understand complicated topics or concepts.

Improve Interaction

Great interactions between teachers and students can help to create a positive classroom environment.

Online Resources

Provide access to various online resources that can improve both teaching and learning effectiveness.

Interactive Smartboard for interactive classroom solution

Interactive Flat Panel

Both teachers and students can interact directly with the interactive smartboard by using smart pens or fingers.

Offer various features that can improve the learning experience greatly such as web browsing, education applications, interactive whiteboards, and media playing.

Bring students closer to the learning materials. Transform them from passive listeners to active learners.

Integrate smartboard with third party applications

Third-party Applications

Integrate with third-party applications for enhanced learning experience. Access to resource libraries, software tools and programs that provide extra benefits to your smart classroom.

Video conference and screen sharing

Screen Sharing

A time-saving approach that helps teachers to utilize resources and make effective teaching plans. Collaborate and display content from other devices such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones. 

Smart Classroom with Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Connect with teachers and students all over the world. All participants can use video conferencing to work on a joint activity. 

Benefits of Smartboard in Classroom

Gamification In The Classroom

Transform regular classroom activities and lessons into a game. Games can help to engage students effectively and thus improve understandings of certain subjects.

Visual Aids

Never underestimate the power of visual aids in a classroom. Displaying high-resolution visual content can help students to grasp and interpret content easily.

Smartboard For Various Room Sizes With Best Prices

Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall

Large classroom with VEXO Smartboard

Large Classroom

Small Classroom

Small Classroom

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