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Digital Signages For Restaurants

Attract and engage customers in a captivating and dynamic method by using digital signages, stretched displays, and digital standees. Suitable for various F&B businesses.
Digital Signages for Restaurants and F&B businesses
From your imagination to reality

Showcase Your Business's Personality

Stand out from competitors and communicate with your customers using engaging brand stories. Exceptional marketing benefits and drive your business goals.

Digital signage can attract attention

Attract Attention
Stand out and grab the attention of potential customers.

Remote Management of Digital Signage

Remote Management
Upload, manage, schedule and publish content easily and remotely.

Digital Content For Digital Signage

Digital Content
Support image and video file formats such as mp4, jpeg, and png.

Reduce Waiting Time
Keeping customers engaged while waiting for their turns or food to be served.

Content Scheduling of Digital Signage

Dayparting & Scheduling
Schedule and display the right content at the right time.

Pick Your Favourite Display or Bundle Up

Depending on your applications or objectives, there are always the right kinds of digital signages that suit your needs. Whether it is a digital menu board, a stretched display, a digital standee, or a mix of all of them, attracting and engaging customers are easier than you think. 

Digital Kiosk For Restaurant

Free-standing Signage

VEXO™ Smart Digital Standee

Utilizing digital kiosk or digital standee in your F&B business is one of the most effective methods to engage your customers.

You can choose to get a digital standee with a touch-screen feature for improved user experience. Both single-sided and double-sided are available.

Available in various screen sizes. 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″ & 75″.

   USB playback or network-based Content Management System
   Durable tempered glass surface
   Free-standing style with castor wheels (optional)
   Various screen sizes

Digital Kiosk For Restaurant
Wall Signage For Restaurant

Wall Mounted Signage

VEXO™ Digital Signage

Digital signage is a versatile digital display that is widely used in all kinds of restaurants and stores. It can be used to convey information. Besides, it can also be used as a digital menu board to display food menus and promotional messages digitally.

   Support multiple digital file formats
   Customizable layout
   Can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation
   Long hour operation

Stretched Digital Display for Restaurant and Cafe

Ultra-wide Display

VEXO™ Stretched Bar Display

An ultra-wide and dynamic digital display that can be installed on various places such as payment counters, walls, and tables.  

Available in 28″ and 37″.

   Wide aspect ratio
  Can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation
   Support various media formats

Explore The Possibilities

Whether to display food menus, promotional content, brand videos, or food photos, it is totally up to you to create an engaging experience in any way you like. Make your customers hungry for more!

01 Deals & Promotion

Encourage your customers to place orders by displaying up-to-date deals, discount offers, and promotional content.

02 Digital Menu Board

Display food and drink items with the prices. Help customers to make quick decisions and reduce the waiting time.

03 Food Photos

Create a fantastic first impression. Draw customers' attention, whet their appetite, and make them feel hungry.

04 Reviews & Ratings

Display reviews and ratings to drive hungry customers.

05 Social Media Wall

Turn your signage into a social media wall to gain more attention from your customers.

06 Brand Stories

Display brand video and tell stories to establish and reinforce your brand identity.

Use digital signages to display promotions
Digital Signage at Frost n Bites store at One Utama
Digital Standee at Restaurant

Solutions Built For Any F&B Business

Our Digital Signage For Restaurant solution can be designed and customized to suit requirements of any F&B businesses such as cafe, food stall or cart, family restaurant, and quick-service restaurant.

Stretched Display at Cafe

Cafe / Coffee Shop

Digital Signages at Quick Service Restaurant

Quick-service Restaurant

Digital Standee at Restaurant


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