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Interactive Signage
Digital Solution

Digital interactivity leads to repeat visits and improved customer engagement. Human-machine interaction provides rewarding in-person experience and possibly helps to turn your prospects into customers.

Interactive Digital Solution

Modern Digital Touch Signage For Retail, Directory & Information Sharing

It’s time to transform your content approach. When using static content, customers can lose interest very quickly. Improve customer engagement by providing a highly functional and memorable interactive screen experience. Our interactive signage solutions redefine engagement for retail, directory, and information-sharing applications, seamlessly integrating with our advanced touchscreen digital kiosks.

Interactive Digital Screen Solution

Impactful Digital Touch Screen Kiosk

Deliver memorable content and transform your passive audience into an involved user. Allow users to gain information in an engaging way with VEXO™ Digital Touch Screen Kiosk. Our digital display board series, offering a user-friendly interface that captivates audiences in various settings.

Access Information via Interactive Kiosk

Accessible Information Sharing

Interactive digital solution turns your information kiosk into a kiosk that displays content or information through an interactive user interface. Your audience can now access to information conveniently.

Access Information via Interactive Kiosk
Interactive Kiosk

Invite User to Interact

Digital signage or digital kiosk with interactive content tends to generate more engagement. Human-machine interaction always brings excitement. Users will spend more time on interactive content rather than on static content.

Improve Brand Awareness

Improve Brand Awareness

A happy user will have a great impression about the business or brand. The use of digital device and digital content can help business in improving brand awareness and conversion rate effectively.

Improve Brand Awareness

Designed For Various Applications.

VEXO Malaysia offers secure and reliable interactive digital solutions for various applications. We help you to create impactful and effective communication campaigns.

Interactive Content for Mall Directory

Mall Directory

A digital information screen that displays names and locations of stores and departments in a shopping mall.

Interactive Content for office Directory

Building Directory

A digital information screen that displays names and locations of offices and businesses in a building.

Information Kiosk at Retail Store

Information Kiosk

An interactive kiosk that provides information via an engaging menu system. Commonly installed at retail stores, exhibition centres, transportation hubs and hospitals.

Types of Interactive Content

Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

Property Sales Content

Property Sales

Retail Catalogue

Retail Catalogue

Shopping mall wayfinder

Shopping Mall Wayfinder

Company Presentation

Company Presentation


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