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Smart Interactive Panel V5X

VEXO Interactive Smartboard
VEXO Digital Standee and Digital Kiosk
VEXO Digital Signage
VEXO Smart Interactive Panel
VEXO Digital Standee
VEXO Digital Signage


Smart Interactive Panel

Interactive experience is the future. Designed with users’ needs in mind, VEXO Smart Interactive Panel delivers engaging visual presentation through a 4K Ultra HD Panel. An interactive experience that runs on a large screen — it helps to connect and to inspire.

Get Interactive

Interactive features provide the power to engage, and bring people together.

High Connectivity

Enjoy better interactivity via a wide range of versatile connection options.

Natural Pen Writing

Smooth and intuitive writing with fast response time.

Multiple Sizes

Different screen sizes for different rooms. Available in 65", 75", 86", 98" & 110".

High Resolution

4K Ultra HD Panel enables clear and high resolution visual presentation.

Screen Share

Support wireless screen sharing for various types of devices.

Applications of Smartboard

Meeting Room, Workshop, Seminar, Classroom, Office.

VEXO Smart Interactive Panel Applications

Our Products

Digital Signage VEXO

Digital Signage

Effortless, timely and targeted digital display to create memorable experiences for audiences.

Digital Kiosk - Interactive Kiosk - VEXO

Digital Kiosk

Convey meaningful information to audiences via dynamic user interface and content.

Video Wall

Create video wall of any size and shape. Improve brand identity by delivering engaging experiences.

Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu Board

Display menu easily and engage customers effectively. Drive sales and improve customer experience.

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