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Smart Conference Room Solutions

A seamless collaboration through vibrant display, clear sound and video conferencing solution and technology. Creating an easy-to-use and smart conference room for any setting.

VEXO™ Video Conferencing Solution is designed to meet various business requirements – from plug-and-play to custom solutions that improve any meeting experience.

Our comprehensive offerings encompass smart conference systems and video conferencing equipment specifically designed for meeting rooms, ensuring an integrated and intelligent approach to collaborative workspaces.

Conference Room Solution For Corporate

Smart Board for Meeting Room

Transform your video conference experience with VEXO™ display products and other collaboration tools. The smart board for meeting rooms is a versatile tool that empowers presenters to deliver impactful content, fostering a more immersive meeting experience.

Step 1

Pick your choice of Digital Display.

Step 2

Pick your choice of Conference Camera.

Step 3

Pick your choice of Microphone.

High megapixels front camera

Built-in Front Camera
Provide high-resolution conference video quality with the high megapixels built-in front camera.

Video Conference Speaker

Powerful Sound
8-group microphone with working distance of 12 meters. Better stereo sound quality.

Video Conferencing with Smartboard

Windows Supported
Support Windows and conferencing applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams via the installed OPS module.

Video conference and screen sharing

Screen Sharing
Wireless screen sharing. Connect and share content from devices such as computers, laptops and smartphones.

Smartboard's Pen Writing

Writing Experience
Sketch, annotate or make note by writing directly on the screen, using fingers or smart pens.

1 - Pick Your Favourite Display

In addition to smartboard’s conference solution, other display alternatives are available. Whether it is an interactive smartboard or a video wall, our room solution helps to configure a meeting system that is best optimized for your space.

Smartboard for Meeting Room

Interactive Flat Panel

VEXO™ Smart Interactive Panel

VEXO Interactive Smartboard is the best display option to engage your meeting participants via the touch screen feature and applications such as annotation and whiteboarding.

Also known as an “All-In-One” display, the smartboard is equipped with a built-in front camera, microphone arrays, and a pair of speakers, making it a perfect fit if you are looking for an easy-to-use solution.

Available in various screen sizes. 65″, 75″, 86″, 98″ & 110″.

   Built-in Front Camera
   Built-in Microphone
   Built-in Speaker
   Various Screen Sizes
   Interactive Feature
   Easy Installation

Smartboard for Meeting Room
Video Wall Digital Display

Multi-screen Configuration

VEXO™ Video Wall

A tiled LCD video wall is built with multiple near-bezelless screens that are installed next to each other. The modular characteristic of a video wall makes it the best fit if you have a unique screen size requirement. 

   Customizable Screen Size
   Customizable Layout
   High Screen Readability
   Long Hour Operation

Indoor LED Display for Conference Room

Superior Image Quality

LED Display

High-quality LED Screen that offers a bright and clear picture in the room. High flexibility in size configuration and installation. Suitable for various room sizes.

   Dynamic & Color-rich Display
   Uniformity Color & Brightness
   Customizable Screen Size
   Customizable Layout
   Various Pixel Pitch Options

2 - Pick Your Favourite Camera

VC 500 PTZ Conference Camera

12x Zoom Conference Camera

VC-500-PTZ Camera

A pan-tilt-zoom conference camera with 12x optical zoom.

   Support ceiling or desk installation
   USB & HDMI outputs
   V-GEN image enhancing engine for superior contrast
   SONY’s 1/2.8” CMOS 5.0 Megapixels (3.5 Megapixels in 16:9 mode)

VC 900 PTZ Conference Camera

4K Ultra HD Camera

VC-900-PTZ Camera

Ultra HD conference camera with CMOS sensor of 8.4 million pixels.

   12x optical zoom
   Built-in AI engine chip for automated human tracking
   Up to 5 different channels of output for maximum flexibility
   3D noise reduction algorithm

3 - Pick Your Favourite Microphone

VSP 360 Speakerphone for Video Conferencing

Omni 360 Array Speakerphone

VSP-360 Speakerphone

A digital array microphone with 6 sets of built-in transducers.

   Up to 12m diameter of voice pickup distance
   Crystal clear speech amplification with intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation and reverberation suppression
   Compatible with modern virtual meeting applications such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

VM 360 Microphone for Video Conferencing

Omni 360 Array Microphone

VM-360 Microphone

A digital array microphone with 8 sets of built-in transducers.

   Crystal clear sound recording with intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation and reverberation suppression
   Support plug and play without any additional configuration
   Compatible with modern virtual meeting applications such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

Explore The Conference System For Meeting Room

Our video conferencing system for meeting rooms is backed by a number of equipment, accessories and applications to streamline the collaboration process. Transform and make conversations more effective.

01 Conference System

Professional conference system that connects a large number of devices and speakers. Deliver excellent speech quality.

02 Conference Camera

High-definition and exceptional visual quality via external camera or built-in front camera. Easy-to-use integration.

03 Professional Sound

Provide offices and meeting rooms with various professional audio solutions and high-quality sound equipment.

04 Interactive Smartboard

Multi-purpose display tool that can be used for various business applications such as video conferences, whiteboarding and presentations.

05 Meeting Booking Tablet

Manage and schedule meeting sessions effectively. Book or view the status of the meeting room.

06 Video Wall

A large multi-screen configuration that meets various room requirements. Superb image quality and easy to install.

Conference Solution
Interactive Display V5X Video Conference

Solutions Built For Any Room

Our video conferencing system can be designed and customized to enhance any meeting room experience, regardless of the room size.

Video Conference Solution for Small Room

Small Room

Less than 6 people.

Video Conference Solution for Medium Room

Medium Room

7 to 12 people.

Video Conference Solution for Large Room

Large Room

More than 12 people.

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