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VEXO Video Wall

Video Wall Supplier in Malaysia

X35 Video Wall Display Solution. Available in 55″.

The LED Video Wall is modular and customizable. Display your content in whatever size or shape that you prefer. Attract your customers and create a huge impact using stunning visual.

Video Wall Display panels
Video Wall Digital Display

Narrow Bezel

3.5mm bezel-to-bezel, to minimize visual obstruction due to thick & obvious bezels.

Non-glare Panels

Non-glare edge-lit LED panels deliver clear image even under harsh ambient lighting condition.

Tuning & Calibration

Advanced factory-tuning & calibration ensure display contents with near-perfect uniformity.

High Brightness

High brightness for most indoor applications. Available in 500 nits & 700 nits.

Reliable & Durable

Durable components ensure reliable and long hours operation.

Easier Installation

Advanced wall mount bracket and video wall software allow easier installation with micro adjustments.

Unlimited Modulars Spliced Videowall
Video wall of creative shapes

Creative Arrangement

Videowall is modular. Unleash your creativity and arrange your videowall in any shape you desire. Both portrait and landscape orientations are possible.

Video wall of creative shapes
Large Videowall for Conference
Large Videowall for Conference

Go BIG with Video Wall

Think large and go BIG with videowall. Grab attention and create stunning content for your business or event.

LED Video Wall Display Applications

As a leading video wall supplier in Malaysia, VEXO™ provides advanced technology tailored for versatile applications. From immersive retail displays to dynamic command centers, our video wall solutions offer unparalleled clarity and vibrancy. Whether you need a video wall for advertising, information dissemination, or collaborative decision-making, VEXO™ has the expertise to meet your interactive signage requirements. Embrace the future of dynamic visual displays with us – where innovation meets excellence.

Video Wall Applications

Retail Mall


Video Wall at Monitoring Centre

Monitoring Centre

Portable Mounting Solutions

Video Wall Portable Mount

Videowall Portable Stand

  • Mobile video stand
  • Support 2, 4, 6 and 9 videowall panels
  • Support up to 55″ videowall panel with 50kg load capacity
  • High quality and durable low noise castor wheels for easy screen relocation
Video Wall Portable Mount
Push Bracket for Video Wall installation
Push Bracket for Video Wall installation

PVX Videowall Push Bracket

  • Professional videowall mounting bracket with push-pop function
  • 8-way micro-adjustment for seamless installation
  • Support landscape & portrait orientations
  • Support 50″ to 70″ videowall panel
  • Maximum 50kg load capacity

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