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Smart Interactive Panel S3X

Smart Interactive Panel S3X is a powerful smart board that helps to increase the efficiency of your daily tasks.

The smart board supports wireless screen sharing that fosters collaboration and efficient meeting session. The wireless screen sharing supports major platforms such as Chrome OS, iOS, Android and Windows.

Smart Interactive Panel S3X

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Engage, Interact and Act

Featuring enhanced interactivity, Smart Interactive Panel S3X is a powerful business and education tool. Write effortlessly on the screen and interact with your audience. We believe in the power of interaction. Engage, Interact and Act.

Natural Pen Writing Experience

Multiple Sizes Available

Wireless Screen Share

Various Connection Options

Wireless Screen Sharing

Split your screen and display contents from multiple devices simultaneously. The S3X smartboard supports screen sharing with computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Stereo Surround Sound

15W x 2 surround sound speakers for truly immersive audio experience.

Intuitive Pen Writing

Engineered with the new writing algorithm, Smart Interactive Panel S3X provides a natural pen writing experience with fast response time and high writing accuracy. It also supports both multi-point and single-point writing modes.

Smart Board Smooth Writing

Six-In-One Smartboard

The S3X smartboard integrates the functions of a computer, a flat display panel, a projector, an electronic whiteboard, a touch screen device and a speaker. A powerful display tool that helps to improve your business & education efficiency.

Smartboard Six-In-One
4K Ultra HD Panel

4K Ultra HD Panel

Grade-A high brightness LED backlit panel with 3840 x 2160 display resolution ensures a sharp and vivid viewing experience. Explore a new way to enjoy stunning visual presentation.

Narrow Bezels, Thin Body

Thin body and narrow bezels allow a wider view.

Available Size

Multiple Sizes Available

Available in 65″, 75″, 86″ & 98″.


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