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Top 6 Benefits of Digital Signage For Small Business

Digital signage is the alternative to traditional signages such as printed banners or signboards. Digital signage works as a display, but it can also store and process electronic data. Digital signage overcomes the shortcomings a traditional signage has. There are a few types of digital signage for small business, for instance, indoor digital signage, interactive digital kiosk, and digital menu board.

Digital signage has been expanding and growing in many sectors, such as the retail industry and the food service industry. More sectors have started to show interest because of the benefits digital signage can give. Digital signage is not only made for big companies but also small businesses. It is a great tool to help businesses to grow even more.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Small Business

Here are a few noteworthy benefits of digital signage for small businesses:

  • Attract customers
  • Brand recognition
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Build customer relationship
  • Provide efficient solutions
  • Data collection

Attract Customers

Digital signage is undoubtedly a great device to attract customers. It is also great when it comes to brand exposure. Digital signage can attract people to notice your shop when it is placed in front of the store. The content and the high brightness display will play their roles in attracting passers-by.

Furthermore, digital signage is also said to be able to attract people because it is superior when it comes to digital content. Digital signage supports a wide range of formats such as images, graphics and animation. Thus, the content displayed by digital signage can be motional and dynamic. Besides, most digital signages support high-definition displays with a wider colour range.

Passers-by will be caught by the interesting content that has high brightness, is rich in colours, and is more visible to them even from a distance. They will be attracted to see what the shop offers. Digital signage allows creativity to flow effortlessly. All it takes is for the small business owners to come up with interesting content. For instance, by adding more unique elements, by displaying content in vivid colours and with animation.

Digital Signage For Small Business - Storefront

Image by Samsung Insights. [Image source]

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is also very important. The more you expose your products, the more it helps your brand recognition. For business, brand recognition means making people aware of your brand. 

With digital signage, small business owners can also display their products and services on the screen. This is an amazing approach to attract both in-store customers and passers-by. They will get an idea of what you have in your shop. This may attract them to visit the shop or at least, they would be interested to visit on another day.

A great way for brand recognition is also by showing feedback and testimonials from customers. There is nothing more trustworthy than the voice of customer. This helps to make the brand recognized for its quality, good service, and its effectiveness.

Be it clothes, skincare, makeup, or food, testimonials are always powerful in persuading others. Testimonials are crucial in brand marketing as well. Hence, displaying testimonials is not only great for brand recognition but also for gaining the interest and trust of potential customers.

A product demonstration video or video feedback is also made possible with digital signage because as mentioned, digital signage is different from traditional signage which only supports texts and still images.

Samsung Digital Signage In-Store Display

Image by Samsung Insights. [Image source]

Enhance Customer Experience

Customer experience can be enhanced with the application of digital signage in many ways. First of all, other than being a display, digital signage can also be an interactive digital display where it provides product information to customers. Some of the applicable devices are interactive kiosk and interactive signage.

Customers are free to search for any information they want regarding the products. It will be more comfortable for them. They can easily search up the price and adjust it according to their budget. They can also take their time to make the purchase decision. Most customers would prefer this way rather than asking the promoter in the shop. Customers tend to feel shy to do so.

Besides, the information provided by a digital interactive kiosk is more accurate and detailed. No missing points and no mistakes. It will also prevent the customers from waiting for the employees to serve them. This automatically reduces the waiting time and increases customers’ satisfaction.

A store that gives their customers what they prefer and making their customers comfortable will win in making sure the customers come back. In short, becoming regular customers. You do not have to be a big company to do so. A small business shall start to pay attention to enhancing customer experience.

Digital Signage For Small Business - Interactive Signage

Image by Digital Signage Today. [Image source]

Build Customer Relationships

For a small business, it is also important to build relationships with the customers. Establishing good relationships with customers is not as easy as it seems, and it is also not as hard as we think. One of the ways to establish customer relationships is by using digital signage.

Digital signage can be used to display different types of sharing beside of the product’s information. That being said, small businesses can display their supports towards the latest issues. For example, show that your business supports the animal cruelty-free campaign. Show that your business supports justice towards the unfortunate ones and many more.

When you show your support, it helps to tell the customers that you are a company that pays attention to what is happening. It shows that even though you are still a small business, you are not ignorant. Besides, digital signage can also be applied to display the business journey. This will build a relationship between the business and the customer. Customers get to know when the business starts, how it starts, and how far it has come.

It will be even greater if a small business takes an approach to also display quotes on the digital signage. Positive and inspirational quotes work best to touch people’s hearts. This helps to radiate positive energy to customers. Customers will start to notice your business and love the positivity you have as they might be having a tough day and your quotes will help to comfort them. Being able to touch the customers’ hearts is one of the best ways to get them attracted to your small business.

It is important to remember that before persuading them to buy your products, you should make them notice your brand first. Thus, building a relationship is one of the most important ways.

Digital Signage Reception

Image by Digital Signage Today. [Image source]

Provide Efficient Solutions

Another benefit of using digital signage is, it provides efficient solutions. Digital signage can be monitored remotely. There is a software called content management system (CMS) which helps to improve the efficiency in managing and monitoring digital signage.

A business can set a content schedule and it will help to automate the content playback. This helps small business owners to display and to deliver their content timely. Besides, with digital signage, it is also easier to update any information or sudden promotion like a flash sale. It can be updated within a few clicks. No hassle of bringing down or putting up new banners.

It is also efficient because it saves time and printing costs. Being able to automate and change the content anytime is very convenient. In addition, CMS also supports simple content creation. Thus, content creation is also easier.

As for the printing cost, there will be no need to allocate much budget on that. Banner is no longer needed. Flyers can be reduced or stopped. Digital signage will do the role. Hence, it helps to save the printing cost.

Digital Signage For Small Business - Digital Menu Board

Image by Digital Signage Today. [Image source]

Data Collection

Digital signage is also capable of collecting customers’ data. You may ponder, how does it benefit the small business? Here’s why.

When a customer uses an interactive signage or kiosk, the history will be saved. Thus, business owners get to see what is most searched and what gets the least attention. From this, small business owners will know where to direct their focus. It is either giving more exposure to the favourite product or improving the least favourite product so that it will get more attention.

Knowing what to focus on and what to improve at are helpful for a small business. It can help to grow the business even more. It shows the business what it is lacking at the moment.

Getting responses or feedback from customers is also easier. With digital signage, customers only have to interact with the digital display by filling the digital feedback forms.

In order to grow the business, small business owners should know and be more attentive to the customers. Hence, isn’t it better and easier with digital signage?

Digital Signage For Small Business

Image by Samsung. [Image source]


To grow something is not an easy process. It does not expand in a day. The same goes for business. To grow a business, it does not take a night. It does not take just one effort.

Having a new approach like using digital signage can be one of the best innovations for a small business. It may be a great opportunity. To expand, an investment must be made. Digital signage is a good investment that will help both the business owners and customers.

The best part of all is, in the long run, all the benefits mentioned will help the business to increase its sales. The brand will be more recognized, the small business will know what to focus on and what to improve on, more customers are attracted to the shop and a good relationship is established. Thus, all of these will increase the sales result of a business. Hence, do grow bigger with the help of digital signage.

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