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Digital Signage In A Hospital

6 Ways On How To Use Digital Signages In A Hospital

Digital signage has become a reliable and effective business tool in many industries. The healthcare industry is no exception. Healthcare institutions such as clinics and hospitals can use digital signages to communicate with visitors, patients, and staff in an engaging way. In this article, we will look at the 6 ways on how to use digital signages in a hospital effectively.

  1. Display announcements
  2. Display health information
  3. Promote hospital services
  4. Display emergency alerts
  5. Provide wayfinding assistance
  6. Share patient stories

1. Display Announcements

One of the most important ways to use digital signages in a hospital is to display announcements. Announcements such as changes in visiting hours and SOP for inpatient visiting can remind and assist visitors in planning their visits to the hospital. Instead of asking around, patients and visitors can find all relevant information from the digital signages.

Besides, when digital signages are installed in staff common areas and offices, the hospital management can also deliver business memos and announcements to staff or the internal team.

In addition to hospital announcements, digital signages can also be used to promote hospital events such as seminars, fundraising events, blood donation campaigns, and conferences. This can help to raise awareness about these events and encourage visitors to participate.

Digital Signage at KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital

2. Display Health Information

Digital signages can be used to display health information to help visitors and patients make informed decisions about their health. Information such as disease prevention, health advice, and healthy living tips can be extremely meaningful. Visitors and patients can understand the importance of taking care of their health and taking any prevention measures if needed.

For example, hospitals can share lifestyle tips such as the benefits of regular exercise and the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Displaying these tips in an engaging format such as animation and video can help patients and visitors to understand easily. Besides, digital signages can also be used to promote mental health education and awareness. Strategies for managing stress and depression can help patients understand the importance of taking care of their mental health and seeking professional help when necessary.

3. Promote Hospital Services

Digital signages can also be used to promote hospital services. Hospitals offer a wide range of services such as wellness programs, health screenings, and blood tests. Running successful advertising campaigns in the healthcare industry is very difficult. Promoting these services through digital signages can improve awareness and encourage people to take advantage of services that they would not consider normally.

Medical checkup

4. Display Emergency Alerts

Digital signages can be used to display emergency alerts, such as security announcements and weather warnings. Displaying emergency alerts can help to keep visitors, patients, and staff safe and informed in case of an emergency. For example, a hospital may display a weather warning about an upcoming thunderstorm in the area. This warning can help visitors and staff prepare well for the storm. Visitors can make necessary arrangements whether to stay or leave the hospital immediately.

5. Provide Wayfinding Assistance

Digital signages can be used to provide wayfinding assistance to visitors and patients. Directory information such as building layouts, departments, doctor rooms, parking and transportation information can be very helpful to both visitors and patients. This can help them navigate the hospital and find the information they need quickly.

For example, a hospital can display directions to the emergency department. Patients and visitors can find their way to the department quickly in case of an emergency.

Digital Directory at Hospital

6. Share Patient Stories

Lastly, digital signages can be used to share testimonials and patient stories. While hospital is a place that is dealing with diseases and injuries daily, it is also a wonderful place that offers hope where births and recoveries take place. Displaying patient stories can help to humanize the hospital experience. It provides inspiration and hope to patients and their families.

Sharing patient stories can also demonstrate the effectiveness of the hospital services. It showcases the hospital’s commitment to patient care. For example, a hospital can display a patient’s story about how he overcame a serious illness. The story can help to inspire other patients to stay positive and focused on their recovery.


Digital signages can be a valuable tool for a hospital. It can help to provide important information, promote hospital services and enhance the visitor experience. Hospitals can use digital signages to improve communication and engagement with patients, visitors, and staff. When used effectively, digital signages can help hospitals provide better patient care and improve the overall hospital experience.

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