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Engaging Presentation using Interactive Smartboard in a meeting room.

5 Ways How Interactive Smartboard Can Improve Your Meeting Experience

Technology has changed the way we work. New inventions are faster and can provide numerous benefits to businesses. One of the latest innovations is the interactive smartboard. It is commonly known as a digital version of a traditional whiteboard.

Being a powerful display tool, interactive smartboard is widely used in meeting rooms and conference halls. It can help to improve the efficiency of a meeting and thus increases the productivity of the participants.

In this article, we will look at the five ways how interactive smartboard can improve your meeting experience. Some of the benefits of using an interactive smartboard in a meeting room are

  1. Save Time In Meeting
  2. Annotation
  3. Engaging Presentation
  4. Hassle-free Remote Meeting
  5. Easy Screen Readability
How Interactive Smartboard Improves Meeting Experience

1. Save Time In Meeting

The most important factor in running an effective meeting is time management. Meeting participants are taking their precious time in attending a meeting. The meeting facilitator should always ensure that the meeting starts and ends on time.

Many people have underestimated the effects of technical difficulties in a meeting. Technical difficulties such as hardware failures and equipment problems often occur when traditional displays are used. Some examples of traditional displays include whiteboards, projector screens, and overhead projectors.

Maintenance is important when it comes to using traditional displays or tools. The facilitator should always make sure the marker pens are filled with inks. If a projector is used, always clean the air vents to avoid loud fan noise. Check the projector lamp if a replacement is needed as a bad lamp can affect the display quality badly.

Even if you run the preventive maintenance regularly, things still can go wrong sometimes during a meeting. There could be a connection issue with your projector and your laptop. Or there could be an overheating issue with your projector.

Using an interactive smartboard helps to eliminate inconveniences caused by traditional displays. There is no need to spend time checking and setting up the projector. Besides, there is no need for a marker pen that could go dry at any time during a meeting. Use a smart pen or even your fingers to write or draw directly on the screen.

When there are fewer distractions, participants can focus more and thus produce fruitful outcomes without wasting time.

Delay in Meeting Room

2. Annotation

The annotation feature of a smartboard is one of the most used features in a meeting room. It enables the smartboard user to make notes directly on any displayed documents or images. The feature is so important as it helps to draw attention and leads to a more effective discussion.  

Whenever an idea is shared, the presenter can draw, sketch or write directly on the screen. Participants can have a better understanding of the discussion and avoid losing their focus in the meeting. When notes are marked clearly on the screen, the participants know what they need to do next.

Besides, the annotated documents can be saved and shared among all participants. Participants can download the annotated documents for future reference.  

Smartboard's feature - Annotation

3. Engaging Presentation

All of us know that whiteboards are boring and projector screens are a pain to look at. We know it is a bit unfair to blame the tools as the presenter is always the key reason for a boring presentation, but traditional displays still possess limitations in delivering creative and engaging presentations. 

While whiteboards can only display static materials, projector screens are capable of displaying digital media formats such as images, videos and graphics. However, a wide range of supported media formats is not the only factor in ensuring an engaging presentation. Interactivity is another important factor.

Today, nobody likes to look at a lifeless screen or listen to a talking head. Interactive smartboard helps to improve the interactivity in a meeting room by allowing every participant to take part actively. Interactive smartboard is so powerful and thus participants can almost do whatever they want with the smartboard to express their ideas.

Want to explain your idea? Transfer your document or image from your phone and annotate directly on the screen.

Want to explain how something should work? Visit the streaming platform by using the browser feature. Play and share the video with other participants.

Want to show something directly from your laptop? Connect your laptop wirelessly to the smartboard by using the screen-sharing feature.

Even if a participant has not prepared any materials beforehand, he can always use the smartboard to find and share whatever he wants to on the spot. Interactive smartboard can always turn a passive discussion into a lively two-way presentation.

4. Hassle-free Remote Meeting

Tired of dealing with all sorts of technical difficulties and setup issues with remote meetings? Rest assured. Interactive smartboard can help to provide a smoother video conference experience.

Most smartboard models in the market are equipped with cameras, speakers and microphones. Hence, there is no need for any additional tool setups. Besides, depending on the operating system, most smartboards have built-in or pre-installed video conferencing applications. Users can also download or run other well-known applications such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Most importantly, a laptop or a computer is not required when running a video conference with an interactive smartboard. The smartboard can provide quick and instant access to any wireless remote meeting. No connection cables are involved.

Interactive Display V5X Video Conference

5. Easy Screen Readability

One of the common issues in using projector screens and whiteboards is poor screen readability. Projector screens often look dim. The brightness and the contrast levels are not high enough when compared to a self-illuminating display. Besides, a dark room is always required to ensure the best visual quality.

On the other hand, glare can happen sometimes on the whiteboard. When the display quality is poor, participants or viewers can lose their focus easily and thus resulting in an ineffective meeting.

Interactive smartboard can provide an outstanding visual experience. Display technology is evolving rapidly. As years pass, the smartboard’s display quality is getting better and better. Most smartboards in the market now can support video resolution up to 4K Ultra HD. Besides, the screens are sharper, brighter, and have more vibrant colours.

In addition to the superb visual quality, there is also a wide range of screen sizes available in the market to meet the requirements of meeting rooms with different room sizes. If you have a large meeting room, you can always go for a smartboard with a screen size of 98 inches and a wider viewing angle.


Interactive smartboard is one of the most helpful business tools in today’s corporate world. In addition to improving meeting efficiency, it also helps businesses to save costs. If you are looking forward to a more efficient meeting, why don’t give the interactive smartboard a try?

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