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Wall Mount Signage For Restaurant

How Businesses Use Digital Signages In Their Stores

Digital signage is a wall-mounted digital display that is mainly used for various commercial applications such as retail advertising, digital menu, and information sharing. It might look like a home TV, but it is more durable and can operate continuously for a longer period. Besides, digital signage is also equipped with more features such as content scheduling, split-screen mode, timer, and automatic brightness adjustment.

Walk-in traffic is extremely important to both retail stores and restaurants. More and more businesses are using digital signages to reach their audiences. Digital signages can help businesses to leverage the potential of digital content in capturing attention and improve engagement. Attractive videos and images can be delivered to the right audience at the right time.

In this article, we look at the four businesses or organizations on how they are using digital signages in their physical stores.

  1. Frost n Bites
  2. Sushi KOI
  3. KPJ
  4. House of Kashkha

1. Frost n Bites

Frost n Bites is always mentioned when it comes to gelato – a frozen dessert that originated from Italy. The business offers a wide range of gelatos and chilled products to the craving dessert lovers by setting up branches at several popular retail malls such as Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and One Utama.

Frost n Bites at One Utama Shopping Centre decides to install two digital signages at its store to display the food menu with pricing details. The digital signages are installed right above the dipping cabinet and there is a reason to do so. When it comes to a gelato store, the gelato dipping cabinet is always the first point of contact. Passers-by and customers will always get attracted to the colourful and mouth-watering gelato in the cabinet.

When the interest is piqued, customers can then raise their heads and browse the digital menu that is displayed on the digital signages, without going through the hassle of talking to the store employees. This can help to facilitate and accelerate the purchase decision.

On the other hand, the digital signages can also help to reduce waiting time. When customers are queuing, they can browse the digital menu displayed by the signages. As a result, they can quickly place orders at the payment counter later.

Digital Signage at Frost n Bites store at One Utama

2. Sushi KOI

Sushi KOI is a dine-in restaurant that offers sushi and Japanese cuisine. Sushi KOI restaurant at Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya decides to install a digital signage at its storefront. The signage is installed next to the main entrance of the restaurant.

Although both Sushi KOI and Frost n Bites are running F&B businesses, their ways and approaches of using digital signages are different. While Frost n Bites One Utama is using the digital signages to display food menus, Sushi KOI PJ is using the digital signage mainly to display attractive food photos. Sushi KOI PJ wants to attract and invite as many walk-in diners as possible.

Sushi KOI believes that the best way to grab attention is to attract passers-by with creative food photos that can engage their emotional eating behaviours.  

Digital Signage at Sushi KOI restaurant
Digital Signage at storefront

3. KPJ

KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital is a private hospital operated under the well-known KPJ Healthcare Berhad. As one of the top healthcare providers in Malaysia, KPJ hospitals’ main goal is to provide holistic medical and healthcare services that meet the needs of the patients.

While digital signages are commonly used in commercial hubs and retail malls, it is not uncommon for hospitals to use digital signages to reach their visitors and patients.

KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital is using digital signages to relay health information and important announcements to visitors and patients. Besides, the signages are also used to display information on some services or healthcare packages offered, such as body check-ups, diagnostic services, and physiotherapy services. This can help the hospital to reach more audiences and offer health benefits to those in need.

Digital Signage at KPJ Hospital

4. House of Kashkha

Digital signage is also one of the best tools to engage in-store customers. While some businesses rely on digital signages to drive walk-in traffic, House of Kashkha KLIA is using the digital signage to provide product images and information to in-store customers.

House of Kashkha is a fashion retailer that offers stylish clothing and fabric products such as dresses, jubah, kaftan, and scarves. When it comes to fashion retail, customers want to touch, see and try before making any purchase decisions. An immersive in-store experience is critical.

When a digital signage is used in the store, it can help House of Kashkha to create an exciting and rewarding experience for its customers. Customers can access product information easily by viewing the content displayed by the digital signage. Besides, instead of using many mannequins to display products, the fashion retailer can upload and display hundreds of high-quality product photos with models by using the digital signage. These visually exciting images or videos can help to improve the brand relationship and encourage customers to make purchases.

Digital Signage at House of Kashkha store


Digital signage is an eye-catching tool that can help a business to engage its customers effectively. It helps to increase the visibility of a brand. Digital signage is not a gimmick. Businesses from all around the world have been using digital signages for years and they are getting superior results from the TV-alike tool. If you are still having doubts, how about contacting a service provider to understand more? Give yourself a chance to explore the endless possibilities brought by the digital signage.
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