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Video Wall

7 Benefits of Using A Video Wall

A video wall is a multi-monitor setup that is used mainly to create a large display screen. There are times when a single monitor is not large enough to meet certain application needs. A video wall can be installed using computer monitors, LCD screens, and televisions.

Video wall is widely used in various applications due to its ability to reach massive crowds. Whether it is for internal or external communications such as retail advertising and information sharing, the video wall is a reliable display system that can bring many benefits to the organization.

In this article, we will look at the 7 benefits of using a video wall in your organization.

Videowall Display

1. Create a Great First Impression

Humans are visual creatures. We can react and process visual information faster than anything else. To reach audiences effectively, businesses always need things that are awesome enough to attract attention.

What can go wrong with a large and interesting video wall?

Imagine when you are visiting an office and you are welcomed by a video wall at the reception area. The large screen with interesting video content will make you engaged. Here, a great first impression is made, and you will definitely feel good about the company.

Besides, creating a great first impression is extremely important when it comes to reaching potential customers. Retail stores use video walls to display advertisements and brand messages. These can drive walk-in traffic and thus improve sales performance.

2. Enhanced Visual Quality

While an individual screen has a smaller screen with a limited video resolution, a video wall system can help to create a large-screen viewing experience.

Resolution measures the number of screen pixels. The higher the pixel density, the higher the video resolution. Video wall can provide a high-definition visual performance since many smaller displays (and pixels) are combined into a single larger display.

Technically, a video wall can achieve up to 8K resolution or more, as long as it is operated with a powerful video processor.

Video Wall with enhanced video resolution

3. Creative Presentation Ideas

Video wall is a highly versatile digital display due to its ability to support a wide range of digital content formats. It can be used to display images, graphics, slideshows, texts, and videos.

Businesses are no longer restricted to limited options of presentation methods. Depending on their applications, businesses can choose to reach their audiences with video walls by displaying the most suitable content.

Beside of displaying files that have been uploaded to the video wall system, the video wall can also display content from other input sources or devices such as computers, cameras, and USB drives.

4. Engaging and Interactive Experiences

Communication can be enhanced more by introducing an interactive touch screen feature that will allow the viewers to interact directly with the video wall.

Interactive experience is the future of marketing and advertising. Customer engagement can be improved greatly when the viewers can move from being passive receivers to active responders. They can now “play around” with the screen and retrieve whatever information that they want with their own fingers.

Interactive Video Wall

5. Customized Sizes and Installations

Video wall is modular. Since there is no restriction to how many screens can be added to the system as long as there are adequate installation spaces, it offers high flexibility in both shape and size configurations.

If you are looking to display large-format content, you can’t go wrong with a video wall.

Besides, video wall can be customized to meet most creative applications’ demands. While video wall is designed based on a grid system, your screen does not need to be a uniform rectangular array all the times.

Designers can always arrange the screens in any pattern. In addition to the common wall-mounted installation, a video wall can be free-standing or mounted to a stand too.

Customized Video Wall

6. Flexible Content Management

Whether it is a simple or complex application, video wall makes both content management and delivery look easier. Unlike traditional print materials which are slow and costly to update, updating digital content is faster and more convenient.

Using content management software can help to update or publish content easily. You can also create and schedule playlists in any preferred way.

In addition to using the video wall as a large single display, the versatility of the video wall also allows it to display multiple sources at one time. In short, businesses can play around with the screen layouts and present content in various ways.

For example, there is a 4 x 3 video wall in a weather monitoring centre. The centre can choose to display a map view on the left side of the screen. Each of the remaining 6 displays on the right side can display different content on its own.

Video Wall at Weather Monitoring Center

7. Increase Engagement

All of the benefits mentioned above lead to the most important benefit or goal. The ultimate benefit is none other than improving audience engagement. 

When viewers are engaged by your brand messages, relationships are established. Whether it is internal or external communication, they will have more faith in your organization. Thus, they will react more positively, and the conversion rate will be increased accordingly. 


Video wall is not hype. It has been existed for years and has been proven as an efficient business communication tool. Make a difference today by investing in a video wall and start to reach your audience more effectively.

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